Teacup Pigs?  Miniature Dandie Pigs?
Is there such a pig out there?
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             Our Stories of Deceit...
Bella's former owners purchased her as a “Micro Mini Juliani” pig. The breeder guaranteed Bella’s family that she would not weigh more than 40-60 pounds when full grown. Bella even came with a certificate from the “Tiny Pig Registry of America!”!  Click to see her certificate and what she looks like today!

See all the wonderful work Sloppy Seconds has done to save these precious pets!


... She was adorably cute & off we went to her new home. I decided to name her Tulip which is fitting for such a beautiful girl. Tulip was very skinny and it was apparent to me that she was not being fed properly because her ribs, spine and hip bones were showing. At 8 months old she weighed a mere 15 lbs. Starvation is a tactic used way too often to stunt the growth of these beautiful beings. Two months after I brought Tulip home I noticed a change in her gait and the way she walked, so I took her to the vet, the first of many vet visits to follow. She was diagnosed with a blood infection and was quite sick but she also had arthritis in her joints...

At a year old Tulip went lame & wouldn’t get up, it was the first of many episodes. I took her to the vet & pain management was started & also multiple supplements in the hopes that it would help her...   Read Tulips full 3 year story to fully understand "teacup pigs.

If love could have saved her, Tulip would have lived her full 20 years.


My son is an April Fool's baby. For his 21 birthday I wanted to really get him good. I purchased a Vet Pot Belly being told she wouldn't get very big 35 lbs to 70 lbs at most. That females are smaller than males. I new the piggy was for me after I pulled the April Fools joke on my son. The day the piggy arrived, I told my son I was picking up a young, cute, female, from CA. He got all dressed up thinking it was my Best Friends daughter. At the airport, I told my son to look at baggage claim to see, IF he might know someone there. I then ran to the Continental front desk, and picked up Princess Miss Piggy....we opened up her kitten crates so small like a bag of sugar in size. My son's face was priceless. Now, Princess is 3 years old and 106 lbs. I was also told that pigs do not shed. I have never seen a teacup pig as an adult. I always see babies. I am happy to have Princess in our lives. I am sad for so many pigs given up on after they get big. A pig lives 20 years, so its not in comparison to a cat or dog. Piggy's need someone to be around them. If you don't have other animals maybe a piggy is not for you. Read up on Pot Bellies, make sure you have room, and that your not leaving ya piggy alone a lot. My piggy cries when I just to the store. Big tear marks down her cheeks. Piggy's are like two years olds, so anything 2-3 ft and below is fair game. You need to keep ya house pig friendly just like a toddler for 20 years...  Laura Gerry, Wenatchee, WA
I rescued a micro mini piglet at the age of 4 months and 18 pounds. The people I got him from
told me that he would not get over 50 pounds. Being that this was not my first pig, I knew better.
See my full story here.

I contacted a lady here in Hollywood, FL named Marlent Piedra of "oink oink mini pig farm"...
She wanted $1200 for a little baby blue eyed girl originally named "Glory", she came from Smokey
and Porkey who seemed to look tiny, but then again here I was uneducated on whats a small pig
and whats actually a stinkin baby that is being impregnated!!!!! She was the only girl out of 6 piggies in the litter and boy was she a scrappy little fighter, battled her brothers to no end. So the lady weaned her YOUNG and she was handed over to me with a small manual at 4 weeks old.

I was one of those bait n switch stories but the best part is that I LOVE MY PIG LIKE NO OTHER! I have all the legal recourse in the world but not worth the fight at the end of the day to stress out over a CRAPPY LYING BREEDER.

Click to see my full story here. 


I have a teacup pig. his name is henry. he is a year and 8 months old. He weighs between
250 and 300 pounds.  i was just like many others and was scammed by being told he
wouldn’t get over 40 pounds. Henry is like my 4th child lol. He will always have a home
with me. I am a proud pig mommy but I feel bad for mommys because they got too big for their homes.
Please see my full story and pigtures here.

We went to Mobile Flea Market.. (a gathering spot for Backyard Breeders).. in July, two years ago.
I had ALWAYS wanted a pig and had been doing my research about pig ownership for about 6-8
months prior to going to the flea market.  Read my full story here.    Victoria, Gulfport, MS

I was told he would get no more than 45lbs. Or when he was hungry in the middle of the night @ two weeks old, the bruises he left on my arms nudging me to get up and feed him? Or the ones on my ankles as he screamed feed me now? You can't ignore a scream like that. I read on your post how someone only gave a handful of feed once a day :::FAINTS::: I can't see ignoring a babies scream, and their forceful nudges as I called them for food..He wasn't even a pound and leaving bruises on me. When he was hungry he let me know it.  Sleeping one minute hey its time to eat the next. You can't ignore a hungry baby, no way! He is 4 years old and  385lbs, and 4' 11". Keep in mine I am that height.  Auburn University large vet clinic comes to the house to do his check ups, tusk and manipedicures. You should of seen Dr Taintors, face the first time I told her he was a tea cup..LOL!
She said I was victimized by a HUGE lie! Looking down at Mr Piggers now, sleeping to the left of my computer desk..His feet/hooves are bigger than a tea cup - think his ears are also.. No matter how much he grew, I didn't care. I love my boy..All I ask is that I live one day more than he does. I did have to leave him for a month last year when the husband and I were having problems. I had to find a house that would allow him inside and this boy didn't eat, drink, move. He was mourning... Thinking I had left him. I would come by every few days to visit but he just wanted his momma. When the day came for him to come move back with me, I never saw a pot belly move so fast up a ramp into the back of a truck in my life..I'm going with my momma! Just wanted to let you know there are people that are suckered into the tea cup agenda, that keep their babies no matter what.                                                    MrPiggers and his Momma
I have to give up my pig Lola... Sadly the people I purchased my pig from lied to me about how big she would get.  I realized this as soon as she was about 4 months but decided I would just have to move so she had more space. We did move...
Please read my full story here...  Please do not believe what these breeders tell you!  I am heartbroken that my pig will have to go to a new home solely because I cannot handle an animal of her size.  I not only feel deceived, but I failed my Lola. We should not fail our commitment to our animals, they have no say!

In October of 2011 I was going through Craigs List and came across FREE pot belly pigs...said they couldn't keep through the winter. 4 adults and a piglet. Within 2 hours I was on my way home with the piglet, a little male I called Hammy.   should have known immediately by the surrounding conditions that it was a bad situation. I should have known that when they had him in a closed box ready to throw him in my back seat upon my arrival, this was not right. I should have known, after begging to see the parents, that the adults were in serious need of medical attention. See my full story here...

My name is Susanne, from Bay City, MI, I sat down this morning and wrote the article. It was very hard for me reliving it all.  I hope that what you the reader takes away form my story is….if you choose to get a pig, it is a commitment. A trust that you share with another being.  You must be prepared to honor that trust no matter how big that pig gets. Pigs are smart, strong willed, and stubborn and loud. They can be destructive. All things that are cute when they are 5 lbs but harder to deal with when they are more than 50lbs. Do not make the same mistakes I did. Do your research. Really be honest with yourself about the time, energy, space and money it takes to have a pig. Then if you choose to get a pig make sure to track down a really knowledgeable veterinarian.  If you don't make any one of the mistakes I made, especially to find out my new love of my life, Joy, was probably starved to stay small, then writing this story makes it all worth it.  Click here to read my full heartbreaking story...

In August of 2011, I paid over $2700 for a so called miniature piglet from a 'teacup' breeder in Texas. I was told I could hold him, harness train him etc etc. The pig became nippy, always looking for food and i was only able to pick him up with a net.  I then contacted Crystal from the Las Vegas pig rescue and also the Ironwood pig sanctuary in Arizona, only to find out there is no such thing as a teacup pig.  They are all mini pigs. I previously owned a pot belly pig that lived for almost 20 years, I should have known better. The guy i purchased this so called mini pig from said they are much different than the potbelly pigs, although i have now found out they are the same pig. I purchased this pig from Texas, buyers need to be made aware of these scams. The guy has the pig back now and my $2700. I cannot believe that i fell for such a scam. His contract even read that the piglets are not to gain any weight for the first month in your care for his "size guarantee" to be valid. How is it possible to keep a baby pig from gaining weight, short of starving him? I do hope nobody else gets taken by these criminals and that they realize that these so called mini, teacup, micro mini pigs etc are all potbelly pigs and will grow to be an average of 150lbs., they are only out to make more money! Buyer beware!  J.V., California

Haidley was purchased from a Texas breeder as a "Teacup" and ended up at our sanctuary in PA. At 7-8 months she weighs 80 lb which is larger than most potbelly pigs at that age. Yes she is overweight and is on a diet. However, her frame is the frame of a potbelly pig. We've been rescuing pigs for over 15 years and have seen some small potbellies; however, we have yet to see one of these advertised Teacup pigs that were full grown and not starved to keep them small. Do not fall for their story it is just a scam to make more money at the expense of the potbelly pig. We will provide updates as she grows as she won't be full grown for a few more years! Melody & Ted Groff, October, 2011

3/16/10:  I was a "teacup pig" surely sold to my mom and dad way too young as you can see by my picture!  It's a good thing my parents loved me enough not to return me as I am sure that infamous breeder from Houston, Texas banked on them wanting me so bad they couldn't return me!  I am now a very happy, deaf, 200 lb potbelly pig (lost some weight, snorrrts...) and you can read my happy ending ATTACHED...
Most people would not have kept me and pigs like me flood the rescues because breeders will say or do anything to get us sold, even if they know we should stay with our mama pig until at least 8 weeks old.  I'm just one of the lucky ones!    C.O., Los Angeles, CA

November, 2010, A happy ending, but a sad story of deceit from yet another breeder, this one also in the UK.  Pigwig, shown on the right, was sold as a "micro-pig" and at 4 months old, he was almost as large as the breeder promised!  Pigwig lucked out as Emma decided size did not matter and loved him enough to keep him! Click Here to read about Pigwig's journey, so far, and follow Margaret Smith, Pigwig's grandpigmama on FB to see his progress! Lucky guy, he now has a brother and friend named Percy! 

Asimo, sold by a Texas breeder as a teacup pig, "not to get larger than 50 lbs" was purchased by an older woman who could not physically handle a pig larger than 50 lbs.  She did everything right, except feed him properly.  She definitely overfed him, although the right kind of pellets and produce, but just costantly fed him.  If you think starving your pig will keep your pig small, then the same must be true, you can truly create a "Giant" pig if you overfeed them!  Do you believe that?
No... you can create an overweight pig but they will only grow as big as they are supposed to grow.

This is Asimo now, placed into a sanctuary to get some exercise and lose a LOT of weight, he topped out at 275 lbs!  He will lose the fat but will never shrink down to a "teacup" sized pig! Asimo is 24" in height so even if he lost all the weight he needed to, he will never become a 50 lb pig!  No breeder can guarantee the size of the pig.  Do you have children that are taller than you?  Weigh more than you?  Do you know of 5 feet tall women having 6 foot tall kids?  It's all in their genes and none of the originally imported Vietnamese Potbelly Pigs were even close to the "claimed" teacup size.  Please don't buy a pig for it's size or there may not be a sanctuary that has the space to take a pig that becomes an Asimo! 

I got my first pig, Oscar, about 10 years ago in Van Nuys, CA. He was 7 weeks old (or so I was I told, who knows the truth) and weighed just under 10 pounds. The breeder told me he would be no more than 40 pounds.  I never saw the parents, but I was young and trusted her. Oscar weighed about 40 pounds when he was a year old and I was convinced he was done growing. However, he grew until he was 3 years old and as an adult he weighed 115 pounds.  Remember... potbelly pigs grow until they are 4 to 5 years old!     Stacy W., Davis, CA

 Giela now resides in Florida with her other rescued brother and sister pigs.  She was running around a mobile home park for about a month until Tom was able to catch and save her from being chased all the time by unruly children. She was also sold as a "miniature pig"... That's right!  She is a miniature!  All potbelly pigs are miniature pigs compared to a farm pig!  Remember that miniature or not, all pigs are pigs and all pigs need to root and graze and dig like a pig!  If you are not prepared to give them the time or area to do what pigs have to do, please consider a chihuahua!  And if you love pigs so much and feel you cannot provide for owning a pig for 20 years or more, please seek a sanctuary in your area to support, sponsor a pig and/or even volunteer.  Get to know these special animals that have a 3 year old's intelligence and then make an informed decision.  A pig maybe the right addition for your family, but find out now before you bring these special, intelligent animals home!

This is the story of Piggy Sue (her name has been changed to protect the innocent!) She lives in the Netherlands and here is more proof, you cannot take a cross of larger pigs and make them smaller without massive inbreeding and/or starvation at a very young age!  “In April 2009 a Dutch family drove to the UK to pick up a 6 week old piglet from Pennywell Farm. Not sure if it was sold as a teacup pig; the paperwork said “miniature Pennywell Farm piglet” and a newspaper clipping featured the photo of a
“pocket pig at Pennywell Farm”.  
Click here to read my full story...

Hi, my name is Kito and my dad, Andrew and I are quite a team!  I am a certified service pig for my dad's disability, but guess what?!!!  I WAS BOUGHT AS A TEACUP PIG!  I'm a small 140 pounds and still growing! 
Can you believe it?  Someone would lie to my dad?  Good thing he still loves me or I'd be on my way to one of those pig sanctuaries now!  
Click Here to read my full story!

Letter written to Susan Magidson of Ross Mill Farm on 3/05/10:

I went through your site and was so glad that there was someone telling the truth about how big these sweet animals can get to.

My husband has been wanting a pet pig for 14 years of our marriage.  We are animal lovers, when he first brought it up I was able to find several people that told me that the pig out grew their home or neighborhood.  I was able
to provide enough information that he agreed how sad to have a pet you may not be able to keep.  That's just wrong.

The other evening HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER television program  was on and of course the had this beautiful little "TEA CUP" pig and my husband started the whole conversation again.  I'd love for him to have his pet pig; however we are definitely not equipped for an animal that can get up to the weights indicated.  We were naive and thought perhaps there really was a breed that stayed smaller.

I believe if more people could read your information they might make a better informed decision.  We've rescued a cat and a couple of dogs who we've loved immensely.  I can't imagine being the person who would have to
surrender an animal because I didn't do my homework.

Sorry to be wordy.  Thank you for your information.
I'll let my husband know that if we win the lotto he can buy a farm and a pig to go with it.


Tami Koch

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