How about a Teacup Bear? 
Have you ever seen a picture of a day old bear?  Yes, it fits in the palm of your hand!  Would you buy one if the breeder "guaranteed" it would get no larger than a dog? 
Then why would you believe those pictures of pigs in teacups? Look really close, those piglets still have umbilical cords attached to them!
Did you know that a pig as young as 3 or 4 months can breed, they can have up to 12 piglets per litter every 4 months?  So you've seen the parents?  How old are they really?! Did you know that pigs can grow until they are 4 - 5 years old? Have you seen a picture of a live 5 year old "teacup" pig?!  Why not?  Because they usually die of health problems from being starved to stay small! Would you starve your dog to keep it small? How about your child? If you overfed your child, would they get bigger than they are meant to be?  No, just fatter!  Then why would you believe that "overfeeding your pet pig would make it into a giant pig?  You can make a pig fat but you can't control it's genetic structure by feeding it too much as these breeders would have you believe!  Do you think 1/4 cup of food is adequate for any pig, no matter how tiny?  Would you feed your human baby just a 1/4 bottle of milk because that's all a tiny human would need?  Then why would you believe a breeder telling you that overfeeding your pig would make it into a regular potbelly pig? 
All animals, including humans can be stunted by starvation alone!
Please don't breed or buy when thousands of unwanted pigs have to die!
If you can love a 90 - 200 lb potbelly pig, please contact a rescue near you and adopt!  Thank you for doing your research!

Did you know the second most common reason people say they gave up thier pet pig was due to not being able to handle their large size and/or behavior?  The #3 reason is ZONING!  Someone complains and you find out you ARE NOT ZONED TO HAVE A PIG!
(I'm sure you are asking what the #1 reason is... the pig is NOT spayed or neutered. Pigs do NOT make good pets if they are not fixed! 
Please spay/neuter your pig and see the difference!)

But, before looking any further into buying or adopting any pig, PLEASE check your zoning!  A LOT of CITIES do NOT allow pigs as pets and most HOAs also do NOT allow them either!  If you are renting, get "written" permission from your landlord as most of them do NOT allow pigs as pets!  
CHECK HERE for your local zoning and should you have further questions please feel free to ask!

Please read the following articles, interviews and stories (underlined areas will take you to their links) about the consequences of those "teacup" breeders' lies:

Watch as Inside Edition goes undercover to see how "teacup" breeders con people into buying their piglets! 
Can you trust anyone who sells any baby animal out of the trunk of their car? 
Then why would you trust that they are telling you the truth!
You saw the parent pigs on their website? Did they claim to be "full grown"? 
Pigs can breed at 3 - 4 months old, "full grown" is 4 - 5 years old, generally too old to breed!
Why would you think they would tell you the truth just because they want your money? 
Please read the countless stories of how this "teacup myth" has affected people's lives!
Pigs CAN be the best pets for the proper people, but they are not the pet for all people, remember all baby animals grow up!

1/01/2017:  Cotton Branch Animal Sanctuary has partnered with many pig owners, rescues and sanctuaries to Bust the #BigMyth!
Please take some time to watch some of the videos and help us get unknowing buyers educated! 
Click Here

The only true Association for Potbelly Pig Pets, please research NAPPA's many
articleson pigs as pets!

2/6/16:  Ironwood, one of the largest pig sanctuaries in the US shows the
consequences of so many "teacup pigs" bought and abandoned.

10/01/15: What happens to a "Teacup Pig" When they Hit 60 pounds?  Rachel Virginia of the The Dodo spotlights
Danji's story.

9/26/15: If You're Thinking of Getting a "Micro pig", Think Again! 
Watch This!

9/22/15:  Rachel Virginia of The Dodo spotlights about two lucky "teacup pigs":
What Happens When Your 'Teacup' Pig Is 160 Pounds

9/21/15:  Ironwood Pig Sanctuary is overflowing with 600 unwanted, abandoned and abused pet pigs, read
"Hog Heaven!"

9/10/15:  Ziggy was bought as a teacup pig, luckily his parents were willing to find any way they could to keep their 250 lb teacup pet.
Now he's living the good life!  Read about his lucky, amazing life

8/30/15:  WMSN Fox47 spotlights VERONA, Wis. -
"Imagine buying a pig pet, only to realize you got way more than you paid for..."

8/29/15: CBS Evening News spotlights Lil Orphan Hammies Sanctuary:  See all the grown up "teacup pigs" that end up

8/06/15:  If you are on facebook, this is a
good read from an ex-petpig breeder, now running of one of the nation's largest rescue and placement sanctuaries.

"Teacup Pigs Getting Abandoned all across America"

4/24/15:  Do Teacup Pigs Really Exist? 
Get your answers here.

1/21/15: It's a "Hogapocalypse" in Florida!
See the full story here.

1/16/15:  How the Mini-Pig "Trend" is causing Big Pig Trouble!  Read the story here.

6 Reasons Why Teacup Pigs are NOT Pets, by Rachel Virginia of The DoDo

9/30/14: Even National Geographic has seen the "Esther Effect"!  Do you know even farm pigs are being sold as "teacup pigs? 
The problem is now worldwide!  See the story here.

9/23/14: Four year old tiny teacup pig Bella now lives at Sloppy Seconds, a sanctuary for "Second Hand Animals",
see her full story.

9/21/14:  A special "teacup pig" named Ziggy, famous on Facebook, will be moving back to the U.S. from St. Johns,
not an easy task since he's quickly outgrown his size guarantee!
We learned about how she paid an arm and a leg to get Ziggy from a breeder who was advertising a “special breed of teacup pigs” that would weigh about 25 pounds fully grown. Imagine Kristin’s shock when Ziggy, a four pound piglet, grew and grew and grew. Now at about 225 handsome pounds, Ziggy is in Kristin’s words “more to love” than she anticipated. 
Read his full story here. 

8/14/14:  On June 14th 2014 at 10:33am Tulip passed away peacefully, 3 short years of a teacup pig's life...
Click to read her full story here.

7/15/14: A personal experience
letter (see Page 2) from the founder/operator of the largest pig sanctuary in the United States...

7/08/14: Have you been sold a Pig In A Poke? 
Check it out here.

7/01/14:  Do you think an experienced pig owner can't be conned?  See her
story regarding her second pig. 

9/01/13:  Another
testimonial from a owner who fell for the "bait and switch"...

A MUST READ!  What it's really like to have a Potbelly Pig (yes, Teacup Pigs are Potbelly pigs!)

4/03/13:  Not knowing she was talking to a reporter (full article) an animal caretaker at Happy Acres said their pigs made great house pets. She advised against keeping the pigs outdoors and said "they only needed to eat a quarter-cup of food per day."

1/18/13: A wonderfully
informative blog from someone who rescued a "not so small" teacup pig!

1/17/13:  Follow Gertrude (the not so mini) swine as she grows and grows and grows...

12/08/12:  James, the "miniature" pig is flying high in Redfern! 
Click to see a day in his life!

9/22/12:  Dena loves her pig, but he's sure not the teacup she thought she bought! 
Click to see her story!

7/24/12:  Here is
another story of deceit but with a happy ending!

6/29/12:  Paris Hilton thought she purchased a "Royal Dandie" pig not to get larger than 30 lbs,
I think they meant 130 lbs! Obviously she refused to starve her, good for her!
Here's an update!

A great, informative 
website started in the UK!

3/12/12: Micro-Pig Meeka balloons into 17 stones (238 pounds!), read her
wonderful ending here.

2/29/12:  Matt & Lisa Stanfield tell their heartbreaking story.

2/29/12:  See
Lola's story and why these lies hurt the pigs in the end.  Pigs have the intelligence of a 3 year old child and their bond goes beyond most animals with their human herd.  If you can't handle a pig bigger than a promised 40 pounds, please do NOT get a pig!  It's not fair to the pig, whether you intend to starve it to keep it small or pray the lie comes true!

2/15/12:  See another breeder nightmare on our
story page but wtih a happy ending, some people can love their pigs no matter what size they grow up to be!  Remember that pigs' growth plates do not close until the age of 6!  4 years old is about their full grown size, but don't let any breeder tell you "they are like dogs" and are full grown at 1 year old, they are not!

2/10/12:  Astrid in Wonderland's
YouTube Clip, a reality tv star meets Kito, sold as a teacup pig!

12/15/11:  A micro-mini pig like Daisy isn’t supposed to get bigger than 30 pounds.
“But buyer beware,” Egan said. “She’s up to about 60, 65 pounds now!
Full story here...

12/05/11:  My name is Susanne and this her my story about losing my very much loved mini potbelly pig and then my subsequent love of my teacup pig, who is currently 6 months old and 70 pounds!  I don't think she will stay the 50 pounds they promised me...
Click here to see my full story.

11/08/11:  Hogzillas! Check out 
Matt Whyman's story here!

9/04/11:  Someone's telling Porkies... Check out
Bruce's Story!

9/04/11: It's not a Hate Campaign that put Jane Croft out of Business, it's all her lies!
Story here!

7/27/11:  Pigs, the Fifth Smartest Animal... Read
Gloucester's story here!

4/06/11:  The Truth is starting to surface... everywhere! 
It's a Pig Scandal!

1/07/11: And yet another article: 
This Little Piggy... Surprise!

"Micro" Pig wasn't the Squeal Deal!

12/30/10:  Someone just saw this episode of Jimmy Kimmel's nightly show and if you watch about 2-1/2 minutes into it where Paris Hilton (who bought what she said was an ultra teacup royal dandie piglet that wouldn't get larger than 30 lbs...) says: 
Click here! 
(Yes, that's right, she says her pig is 5 TIMES the size of that bearded pig on the show!
I guess they forgot to tell her not to feed him!)  See below for a current picture of Paris's "teacup"!

11/23/10:  Watch a TV story on a "Not so Pint-Sized Pig"!

11/23/10:  The Celebs like Katie Price and the Beckhams that have made these "micro mini teacup pigs such a desirable fad and are finding out they don't want them when they don't stay tiny and really ARE JUST PIGS!  As we keep saying... There is NO such thing as a teacup pig!  Please don't believe the lies or the celebs! Remember that the fad started in the UK and we are only now seeing the consequences!

Listen to a radio interview on some UK Micro-pigs (may take a few minutes to load)

RSPCA Worried about Micro-Pigs

So you Call this a MicroPig???

Grandmother's "Micro-Pig" grows into Eight-stone Hog!
To See Margaret and Emma Smith's full story, please see our "Pigtures & Stories" Page!

£700 micro pig outgrows Telford house

This may be a cartoon, funny but so true!
This is the sequel....

UK Micro Pig Farm gets ads BANNED! False Advertising, of course!

P.K. Hawk exposes "Potbelly Pig Scams"

6/01/10:  Click here to read this article about the "Royal Dandie" "teacup pig" craze!

5/15/10:  A definite must watch of these UK "teacup" pigs that started this teacup craze!

An Easter Birthday with my Teacup Family from Schnoidz Pigister.

Update 3/25/10:  Best Friends has two teacup pigs that were sent at Dandie pigs... they sure don't look like a Dandie pig!  Please see their journal here!

Update:  3/08/10:  Have you seen this prior episode of
How I Met Your Mother?  Carrie Underwood cuddled with a "teacup" pig?  It's unbelievable that the media is so careless when exploiting animals! 
Please comment to CBS (twiiter, facebook, etc.) that they would even promote such an untruth without doing any research!  You would also think that Carrie Underwood, having grown up on a farm, would know even better!  But they both got their 15 minutes of fame!  Doesn't matter that it was at the expense of lots of non "teacup" sized pigs will become abandoned in a few months when they don't stay small!

Update 2/14/10: 
And yet another article on the truth of Tiny Teacup Piggies!

Article on 2/1/10:
Micro Teacup Pigs:  Big Cost... More Evidence of health problems...A Must Read!

Can you reduce the size of an animal by inbreeding the smallest of the smallest in a litter?  By starving it?  YES, YOU CAN!  If you starved your child, you would eventually stunt their growth!  Is it worth the health problems down the road?  Is it worth a shorter life span of your pet pig?  NO, IT IS NOT!  Would you do that to your own child?  Then why do it to an animal?  Pigs can be up to a 20 year commitment... are you prepared for the massive health issues and vet expenses that comes with altering the size of your pet?

Before you read on, Check these out!  Would you rather be a Paris?  Or a Clint?  Go ahead "Make My Day!"  (As you can see in this first link, this $4500 Paris' pig isn't exactly as small as they advertised anymore!  Her pig's head already looks bigger than hers!  So, if you want a pig for it's size... adopt, like Clint, and you'll know exactly what you'll get for the it's full 20 healthy years!)  Click here for a current Dec, 2011 pic of Paris's pig!  30 lbs?  Maybe 130 lbs! or more!

Are breeders that desperate to sell a pig that they will starve it to stay small?  Check around, they all say you need to feed "their food", why?  Because the pig would get to it's "normal miniature" size otherwise!  What is normal?  It varies!  Like humans, their size will vary, a norm can be as small as 70 or 80 lbs or as large as 300 lbs! Generally they will be somewhere between 90 and 150 lbs... Remember that pigs grow for 5 to 6 years! Money and greed are the only reasons anyone would create a future situation where these pigs have no where to go when they don't stay 30 lbs!  Do they even wonder why santuaries are full and overflowing?  You are the human, you make the decisions... please start using your common sense!  We need to stop being an instant gratification, throw away society!

Please check back frequently as we build the facts and the fiction!  If you are expecting to give up your pig if it gets too large or weighs too much, ASK THE BREEDER:  Will you take back this pig should it become 100 or even 200 pounds?  If they say no, DON'T BUY!  Are you invited into their home to see the pig parents and babies interact?  Can they provide proof of the age of the parent pigs?  If not, they are not a reputable breeder!  Do breeders sell sick, wormy piglets as "teacup" pigs?  Yes!  And as soon as they are brought back to health and put on a proper diet, they become regular sized potbellied pigs!  
Sanctuaries are overflowing with teacup pigs that could've, should've, would've, but didn't and all because size was of the utmost importance!  If size is what you are looking for, a pig may not be right for you!  No matter what the size, a pig is a pig and needs outside time!  Time to root, time to dig, time to be a regular pig!  There are almost no pigs, large or small, that can live in a condo or home where there is no yard!  If you provide for the specialized needs of your pig, you and your pig will live a long, happy life! 

Thank you for checking back frequently while we gather and add information that can give you a clear understanding of pigs as pets before you purchase or perhaps adopt that special pig pet. 
Please be sure to read the articles on our
"Just the Facts" Page!

Don't Breed or Buy when Shelter Animals have to Die!
How many animals were euthanized where you live?  Rescue, Spay and Neuter!
Don't Buy a Piglet... Adopt a PigPet!

Thoinks for doing your research!  Check back often!!!

Teacup Pigs?  Miniature Dandie Pigs?
Is there such a pig out there?

Teacup Pigs? Fact or Fiction?
     We'll dispell the truths and the myths!  Read on....

Are you considering purchasing a "Teacup" Pig? A "Micro Mini" Pig?  A "Dandie" Pig?  A "Miniature" Potbelly Pig? 
A "mini" or "pocket" "juliana" "juliani" pig? 
Are they all the same?  Are they the same pig? 

The term "Teacup" refers to the SIZE of the pig, NOT the type of pig!  We have compiled many articles from all around the world in the hopes that you will judge for yourself as to the validity of all these breeders claims!  Remember two things... First, Potbelly Pigs ARE miniature pigs.  The term "miniature" was coined when they were first imported so people could picture their size compared to a farm pig! Second, breeders just want your money... they guarantee their small size banking on the fact that either you will be too attached to it by the time it grows too large or you won't want to or have the money to ship a pig that large back to the breeder on your own dime!  Did they tell you the "Juliana" pig is "registered with their "Juliana Pig Association and Registry?"  Does that make it legitimate?  Anyone can start a registry.  These breeders smart and great at marketing but a lie is a lie no matter where it's registered!  Did you know that "teacup pigs" have been marketing by breeders since the mid-1980's?  If there were true small tiny pigs, wouldn't they be all over the place by now?  We can tell you a pig is 5 years old when it's only 1 year old... how would you know?

If you have already purchased a "teacup" pig or any animal under false pretenses and you found out it would cost too much to return the pig or sue the breeder to get your money back, Contact YOUR local Attorney General's office. Click here for a directory.  If their office receives a number of complaints about the same breeder, pet store or type of false claims, they will take action!  We are highly encouraging this so we can one day stop all these bogus advertisements! Pets are Personal Property in most States so LYING to get your money is not against the law until enough people fight back!

We frequently get asked why this website?  This website is a National and International collaboration of pig rescues, sanctuaries and owners that got "conned"!  If everyone bought a pig and cared for it as a committed human should, there would be no need for rescues and sanctuaries worldwide! 
So for the people who email asking "why do we care"?  Just look at the thousands of pigs abandoned because they bought a tiny little "teacup" pig hoping it would not grow bigger than a teacup poodle!  If every buyer would send the pig back to the breeder and not to our rescues and sanctuaries, we may not care, but unfortunately, we are always the ones to pick up the pieces!  Do the abandoners donate $1000 - $5000 for us to take care of placing their pigs, NO!  That's why we care... do people think about the costs the rescues take on?  NO!  So yes, WE CARE!