Teacup Pigs?  Miniature Dandie Pigs?
Is there such a pig out there?

Facts about Teacup Mini Potbelly Pigs
    And Links to Rescues & Sanctuaries Nationwide

Every few years, television and print media will run with these stories of these "cute" "tiny" "miniature" pigs for pets! Have you seen the stories?  Looking to buy a "teacup" pig? 
If these stories have peaked your interest in buying one of these "lap" pigs as pets, please read on:
Paris Hilton buys a "Teacup Pig", see his first photo
Paris Hilton does a photo shoot almost 2 years later, see what her piggy looks like
now, well over 100+ pounds!

Below are some true life stories of rescued Pigs that ended up at sanctuaries with multiple health issues because they were sold as "teacup" or "micro mini" pocket pigs.  Not only do sanctuaries and rescues get pigpets dumped on them because of lack of allowed zoning or owners not able to provide for the specialized needs of potbelly pigs as pets, but a LOT of pigs are sold as "miniature lap" pigs and of course, when they can't sit on your lap anymore or be picked up and put under your arm... they end up going to a sanctuary!  Most city shelters are not equipped to hold, much less adopt out potbelly pigs so they have very few choices, most of the time they get euthanized.  Is that fair to any pet? 
If a breeder, any breeder is ethical, they will always allow you to come and see their pigs and property and will ALWAY take their animals back should you not be able to keep them no matter what the circumstance! 
If you buy it from a pet shop or feed store or even a swap meet, do you think they are there to take their animals back when promises aren't kept?  So why burden a sanctuary!  Make an informed decision before purchasing any animal!  Why not adopt and give a special pig a second chance at life! 
Read this article from people who have experienced this lie first hand!

Wilbur's Story

Piggle's Story

Rosie's Story

 Zoe's Story

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Pig Sanctuaries and Rescue Organizations are over flowing beyond capacity!
CLICK HERE FOR A FULL LIST of organizations and see if you can help!
Check out these articles written by sanctuaries and rescues around the country:

3/15/10:  Read Janice's blog all the way from Canada! Her blog provides some insights into the day to day life of running a sanctuary and providing for each of the special needs of each pig that ends up lucky enough to spend the rest of their life there! 

Article on 1/31/10:  Susan Magidson, owner/operator of 
Ross Mill Farm and one of the most informative pig experts you could ever meet, also founded a non-profit organization call the Pig Placement Network.  A nationwide network to help place pigs that need new homes and foster piggies that don't have one yet!  Read the wonderful article on the work they do published by the Lehigh Valley News on the Pig Placement Network!