Below are just some of the Pig Rescues, Sanctuaries and Organizations that have saved countless lives and works tirelessly to educate the public about the specialized needs and rewards of potbelly pig ownership!  So please, feel free to click on any of these wonderful organizations to get to their websites and/emails! 
This site is a national collaboration of rescues and sancturies to help educate fellow,
current and potential pig owners 
and to make the world a better place for all of our pig friends!
All we ask is that you do your research before committing to any pet!  Especially a pigpet! 
From Blankets to Volunteering, Donating of Time or Money, One Pig at a time!
Please ask... How Can I be Part of the Solution?!  Every person counts!

If you are considering rehoming your pig, contact The Pig Placement Network
and they can refer you to the rescue closest to you.
Pig Placement Network (Nationwide Network)

North American Potbellied Pig Association (National)

SCAMPP (SoCal Association for Miniature Potbelly Pigs)

PigHarmony (SoCal)

CPPA (NorCal Potbelly Pig Association)

Sloppy Seconds, Inc. (NorCal)

Lil Orphan Hammies (SoCA)

VegasPigPets (SoNV)

Windys Ranch & Rescue (SoNV)

Pigasus Homestead (CO)

Hog Haven Farm  - Rescue (CO)

Ironwood Pig Sanctuary (AZ)

Best Friends Animal Society (UT)

Hearts on Noses (Canada)

NW Miniature Pig Association (OR)

Ross Mill Farms (PA)

Hamalot Pot Bellied Pig Rescue (OK)

Forgotten Angel Rescue and Education Center (TN)

Shepherds Green Sanctuary (TN)

Cotton Branch Farm Animal Sanctuary (Leesville, SC)

Rooterville (FL)

Camp Skipping Pig (NY)

Potbelly Manor (RI)

Pig Pals of NC (Durham, NC)

Central Texas Pig Rescue

Mini Pig Info is a great informative website and for a more extensive list of rescues
and sanctuaries, please
Click Here

These are private rescues and organizations that may be in your area. 
Please click on their linked email below and inquire on how you can help
or maybe you could provide a second chance for a deserving pig pet!

Tammy's Pig Rescue (Athens County, OH)

Ohio Pig Rescue - Meredith (Mogadore, OH)

Trotters on the Tallgrass Pig Sanctuary - Donna (Sabin, MN, just SE of Fargo ND)

Pig Sanctuaries, Find the Teacup Pig...
    Links to Rescues & Sanctuaries Nationwide

Teacup Pigs?  Miniature Dandie Pigs?
Is there such a pig out there?